Why choose a Custom PC?

Custom PCs are not just for gamers. Buying a custom PC allows you to avoid an off-the-shelf PC, that may not even have a modern processor! Did you know that Intel releases new generations of processors every year? Many people buy new PCs from Amazon or even Best Buy expecting the PC to have the latest technology. Often, that is not the case. When you buy a custom PC you are able to choose the technology that you'd like based on your needs. Want something quiet? How about something reliable for your business? Our custom PCs give you the flexibility to choose the type of computer you want, built with only the highest quality parts.

Photos of some of our custom PCs

Is your desktop using liquid cooling?

Just like your car, a liquid cooling system uses a radiator and fans to keep the system incredibly cool, extending the life of the computer.

Liquid Cooling is also quiet

You won't even hear your PC running, especially with our silent cases. If you'd like multiple monitors, you're a gamer or have other graphic needs, we can install any video card that you prefer, or recommend one based on your needs, like this Quadro p400 with connections for up to 3 monitors!

Let Us Build Your Dream PC

Don't settle for just one or two desktop models that are available from the big manufacturers. Instead, let us design the computer around what you and your employees do, giving you more speed, reliability, and less downtime!