Finding A Good PC Repair Shop

A True Story


There are a lot of computer repair shops out there. How do I know which one is best for me? That can be a hard question to answer. I’ll begin by relating an experience that I had standing in line behind a customer, at a big box store. The customer described their problem to the tech guy and told him about a virus on their computer. The customer was sure, based on the symptoms, that a virus (or some sort of malware) was on their computer and needed to be removed. As they described some of their symptoms, (computer running slow, slow booting, weird curser movements) I thought to myself, yep, sounds like a virus.


You’re Not Hearing Me


Meanwhile, the technician, kept trying to tell them they’d have to look at everything, top to bottom, and wouldn’t it be better if they bought a comprehensive service that would cover any problems encountered? It was clear from the frustration in the customers voice they felt they were not being heard. They simply wanted to drop off their computer and have a virus removed. Although it can be hard to determine exactly what is going on with a computer without looking at it, often the customer can provide at least a clue. In this case, the customer was not only trying to provide information but felt frustration at not being heard.


Things To Consider

When you’re looking for a good computer repair shop, look for someone that is listening to your request, and one that can provide the service that you are looking for. Sure, sometimes extra services are needed or a good idea, but you should make sure that the reason for your visit is properly addressed and that the issue is completely resolved so it will not reoccur. If the company is offering extra services, make sure those are clearly detailed and provided after the computer has been evaluated. If possible, consider a repair shop that does onsite service so that your entire setup can be taken into consideration.


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